icon Gunfight is an Atari 2600 game developed by Manuel Polik, it's heavily inspired by the 1975 Midway game Gun Fight, the game is brought to the Dreamcast via SvOlli's DCStella (aka StellaDC) Atari 2600 emulator.

Gunfight Screen 1

It's shoot-out time and you've got to be faster than your opponent or the computer. Move, dodge, or hide behind a covered wagon or cactus. But whatever you do, don't waste your time because your opponent is shooting back. Take your position, aim, and fire before he gets you!.

Gunfight features

  • One & Two Player action
  • 8 Scenarios, 4 Play Modes, and 2 Difficulty Levels
  • Obstacles that move and can be shot away
  • A Title Tune & Two different Jingles
  • Two different Death Scenes
  • Two Bullets at once per Cowboy
Gunfight Screen 2

Gameplay modes

  • Standard Duel - The first player to score 7 points wins
  • Sixshooter Duel - The first player to score 7 points wins
  • Escape Scenario - The LEFT player wins when scoring once, the RIGHT player wins when surviving 99 time units
  • Target Shooting - The first player to score 77 points wins (hitting a target scores 1 point, hitting the opponent scores 5 points)

Controls (1st controller only)

  • R Trigger + Y button = Game Reset
  • R Trigger + X button = Gameplay Mode Select
  • R Trigger + B button = Set Bullet Rebound ON/OFF
  • D-Pad/Analog Stick = Move
  • A button = Fire
  • Start button = Menu
Gunfight Screen 2

CD Image Extras

  • DCStella (V0.2f) with complete set of '.pro' files
  • DCStella (V0.2f) Sourcecode
  • Stella 2.4.2 WIN32
  • Stella 2.4.2 Sourcecode
  • Gunfight PAL & NTSC official release roms
  • 33 pre-release Gunfight beta roms
  • 76 Gunfight label art submissions for the official artwork contest
  • Gunfight sourcecode
  • (romdisk)
  • Stella Rom List Creator by burnerO
  • DCStella ROMs list maker 0.1 by fackue
  • Additional Gunfight screenshots
  • Plus bonus extras


  • Gunfight: Manuel Polik
  • DCStella: SvOlli
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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