icon A demo of an attempted remake of the Sega Saturn game Panzer Dragoon created by Team Andromeda in 1995, developed with Fenix for GP32 and ported to Dreamcast in 2005.


GPDragoon screen 1

GPDragoon was developed as a remake of the game Panzer Dragoon, an early version was released to demonstrate the movement, aiming, and shooting ability of the Dragon. There are no enemies in the demo and the project has been abandoned at this early stage.

The original GP32 version of GPDragoon was developed with Fenix by PauTo, the demo was adapted for Dreamcast by Wraggster and released in January 2005.


  • D-Pad - Move Dragon
  • A - Shoot
GPDragoon screen 2


  • GPDragoon: PauTo
  • GPDragoon Dreamcast Port: Wraggster
  • Fenix Dreamcast Port and FSL: Chui

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