GBAX 2005

icon A mini compilation of Fenix game entries from the GBAX 2005 coding competition, adapted from GP32 to Dreamcast and released as a CD Image in 2005.


GBAX was a UK based shop specializing in rare game consoles and products from around the world, for a number of years they held coding competitions open to all consoles to promote independent development on those platforms. Six entries from the GBAX 2005 Coding Competition developed with Fenix were adapted for the Dreamcast by Wraggster and released as a compilation at in June 2005.

GBAX 2005 Fenix Compilation

Bang GP

Bang GP by Chemaris


Ghost Pix

GhostPix by Marc Robledo
Update: The complete game has been adapted for Dreamcast
More information and downloads available on the GhostPix page


GP Shoot

GP Shoot by Mirko Weber


The Mini Game Project

The Mini Game Project by Quiest


Space Dodger

Space Dodger by Paul55



Twins by BUHOnero


  • Fenix Dreamcast Port and FSL: Chui
  • GBAX 2005 Fenix Compilation: Wraggster
  • GBAX 2005 Coding Competition: Site

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