FrotzDC - Interactive Fiction Collection

icon This is a no-frills collection image, it contains version 1.1 of c99koder's FrotzDC along with almost the entire Interactive Fiction Archive, which can be used directly with the FrotzDC interpreter.


This CD Image includes 318 different Z-code files (games to play with Frotz).

FrotzDC Screen 1


NOTE: You need a Dreamcast keyboard and controller for this release.

Colour Scheme menu:

  • UP / DOWN - D-Pad or Keyboard
  • START / ENTER - Load Selection

File menu:

  • UP / DOWN - Analog Stick, Keyboard, Mouse
  • A / ENTER / Left Click - Open Directory
  • A / ENTER / Left Click: - Load Selection

Once a game has been launched you will now need to input commands via the keyboard. Go to the Guide section found in the CD Image for an overview and hints on how to interact with the games.

FrotzDC Screen 2

About FrotzDC

FrotzDC was ported to the Dreamcast by Sam Steele (aka c99koder), the version included in this CD Image is Sam's 1.1 release.

About the Interactive Fiction interpreter

FrotzDC is an Interactive Fiction interpreter for the Sega Dreamcast which can play v1 through v5 Z-Machine games. Several popular Z-Machine games include the Zork trilogy, Adventure, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

People that are new to Interactive Fiction should check out the Beginner's Guide to Interactive Fiction by Joe W Aultman and may wish to play several games online in their browser at iFiction. A great site to download freeware games for use with FrotzDC is The Interactive Fiction Archive.
FrotzDC is based on UNIX Frotz version 2.43, which is released under the GNU General Public License.

FrotzDC Screen 3



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