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icon Frog Feast is a retro-style tribute to the classic console games Frog Bog, Frogs and Flies, and the arcade game Frogs.


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Frog Feast is a game for one or two players, each player controls a Frog sitting on a Lily pad, the aim of the game is to jump off the Lily pad and eat more flies than your opponent within a time limit. The game is a tribute to Mattel Electronics' Frog Bog released in 1982 for the Intellivision system, an Atari 2600 version of Frog Bog was also released by Mattel in 1982 titled Frogs and Flies. Both Mattel titles were very similar to the single player arcade game Frogs developed by Sega and Gremlin Industries in 1978.

Frog Feast was mainly a programming test, gauging the difficulty of porting a simple game to numerous orphaned systems, the game has been ported to Neo Geo CD, CD-I, Sega CD, Atari Jaguar and many other systems. A separate port of the game was also made in 2007 for the Colecovision system.

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A test demo of the Dreamcast port of Frog Feast was released by RasterSoft in September 2007, the demo has the Flies disabled so there's no points to score within the time limit of the game. The CD Image available features the Dreamcast demo version along with a host of Frog Feast extras.

Demo Controls

  • D-Pad - Move Left/Right
  • A - Jump
Frog Feast Screen 2

A release date of November 15, 2007 for the Dreamcast version of Frog Feast was announced by the retro game publisher OlderGames on October 5, 2007. Amiga CD32 and FM Towns MARTY versions of the game were to be released simultaneously with the Dreamcast version. The OlderGames company name and website was sold in December 2007.

The Dreamcast version of Frog Feast was released as a Limited Edition of only 100 units, each unit was made to order, once the game was purchased, the buyer would receive the game burnt to a CD-R with a printed label, the CD was supplied in a DVD case with a printed cover, both the CD label and DVD cover were numbered 1 to 100/100. It's quite possible that only 100 units being available from OlderGames was an attempt to create a rare game for the Dreamcast console, and this strategy might have worked had the game been commercially pressed.

Due to original copies of the game being supplied on CD-R, almost exact duplication was easily achieved, an unknown number of copies are available and randomly appear on auction sites as 'genuine' with ridiculously high asking prices.

Frog Feast DVD cover


Frog Feast CD-R label


Many demos, source codes and compiler tools have been released by RasterSoft for various ports of Frog Feast, we've collected them all together and included them along with the Dreamcast demo version on one CD Image, the extra content list can be viewed below.

  • Sega CD Demo
  • Sega CD Source Code
  • Sega CD Tools
  • Neo Geo CD Demo
  • Neo Geo CD Source Code
  • Neo Geo CD Tools
  • Neo Geo Complete Version
  • Neo Geo Source Code
  • Neo Geo Tools
  • IGS PGM Finished Version
  • IGS PGM Source Code
  • PGM Tools
  • Capcom CPS-1 Finished Version
  • Capcom CPS-1 Source Code
  • CPS-1 Tools
  • Sega C2 Finished Version
  • Sega C2 Source Code
  • Atari Jaguar CD BJL Interactive Preview Version
  • Atari Jaguar CD Interactive Preview Version
  • CD-I Demo
  • FM Towns MARTY Preview Version
  • Amiga CD32 Interactive Preview Version
  • NeoDev compiler
  • CDR Tools
  • Colecovision Demos
  • Plus loads more....


  • Frog Feast: Charles Doty (RasterSoft)
  • Frog Feast: Site
  • RasterSoft: Site
  • OlderGames: (site no longer available)
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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