Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist

icon Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist is a comedy adventure game created in 1993 by Al Lowe and Josh Mandel, the game is set in the Old West and inspired by the Western comedy film Blazing Saddles. As Freddy Pharkas you have the task of being the pharmacist in the town of Coarsegold, creating concoctions of chemicals for prescription remedies. These remedies will help you on your way to combat the diarrhea epidemic, the horse flatulence problem, and all the other obscure and hilarious problems within the town.

This CD Image contains ScummVM version 1.2.0 with the DOS and Windows CD Demos of 'Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist'. The game engine plugin used for this release is the 'SCI' engine, it supports many other classics incuding some of the King's Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry series of games.

Freddy Pharkas Screen 1

The DOS demos of Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist contained different puzzles to the full commercial release of the game, and although the puzzles were fairly easy, the demos provided a different experience for anyone obtaining both the demo and full versions. True to the humor of the full game, the DOS demos provided a joke in that you obtained 49 out of a maximum of fifty points every time you completed playing them, in fact you obtained no points at all, there were no points in the demos (so you would never get all 50 points). NOTE: another little joke that the developers threw in was if you leave the demo for two minutes, the scrolling Ballad would automatically load up, when you try to skip it - you lose your position then end up back at the menu and have to start over again. To avoid this little prank, if you leave the demo make sure your cursor is at the top of the screen so that the icon bar is activated.

Freddy Pharkas Screen 2

ScummVM Menu Controls

  • D-Pad/Analog Stick Up/Down - Browse List
  • A or Start - Select

ScummVM General Controls

  • D-Pad - Slow Cursor
  • Analog Stick - Quick Cursor
  • A - Action (Mouse Left Button)
  • B - Action (Mouse Right Button)
  • Left Trigger - Launch/Hide Virtual Keyboard
  • D-Pad - Highlight Virtual Key
  • A - Virtual Key Select
Freddy Pharkas Screen 3


The version of ScummVM used for this CD Image has the 'Autosave' function disabled, so you can play the demo and the full game without interruption on the Dreamcast (no more beep every five minutes). This version of ScummVM also has INI support, so you can customize your menu titles and skip the autodetect routine which may cause longer load times when booting your CD.

Freddy Pharkas Screen 4


  • Interpreter: ScummVM
  • ScummVM Dreamcast Port: Marcus Comstedt
  • Freddy Pharkas: Al Lowe and Josh Mandel (Sierra On-Line)
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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