Final Fight: The Last Round

icon This release features a special edition of Final Fight: The Last Round, Mr.Q's OpenBoR update to his Hyper Final Fight series, which doesn't need the RAM saving version of OpenBoR (bye bye long loading times!) and features three nice variants of the game.

Final Fight The Last Round Screen 1

The first version contains characters from Final Fight 1 & 2:

  • Guy, Cody, Haggar, Maki & Carlos

The second version features the complete character cast from Final Fight 3:

  • Guy, Haggar, Lucia & Dean

In the original Final Fight: The Last Round all of these were hidden extra characters.

Final Fight The Last Round Screen 2

The third version is a Dreamcast exclusive 4 player version of Final Fight: The Last Round that features the Street Fighter characters ( players & bosses! ) from Hyper Final Fight 1 & 2:

  • Guy, Cody, Cammy, Guile, DeeJay & Fei Long
  • Bosses: Vega, Bison, Sagat, Balrog & Rolento
Final Fight The Last Round Screen 3

If you play the game on PC or other platforms you will only be able to play the Final Fight 3 version, but if you put the disc in your Dreamcast, you'll be able to play all three variants.


Mr.Q's latest BoR mod - now finally 100% Dreamcast compatible!

  • The full game without long loading times
  • For 1 - 4 Players (thanks to Kirby2000 and Tails for the 4 player support!)
  • Dreamcast sound bug fixed (MANY thanks to CGRemakes for that!)
  • 'Final Fight III' game mode unlocked by default
  • NEW soundtrack for 'Final Fight III' game mode!
  • A total of 15 playable characters!
Final Fight The Last Round Screen 4

How To Play

Browse to the left for PAL versions, to the right for NTSC. NTSC is a TV norm used in e.g. North America & Japan. PAL is used in e.g. Europe, Australia & Asia. If you want to play with up to 4 players, you need to select the Street Fighter version, as the other versions are only playable with up to two players.

You can read the complete release notes here.


  • Final Fight and Street Fighter are registered trademarks of CAPCOM
  • All graphics, sounds and characters are (c) by CAPCOM
  • Final Fight: Last Round is a fan remake. It is -NOT- licensed by CAPCOM.
  • This release is available for free at
  • Do -NOT- sell this game.


  • Final Fight: Last Round by Mr.Q
  • Beats of Rage: Senile Team
  • Dreamcast Port: Neill Corlett
  • PAL & Rumble Support by L@Cible
  • OpenBoR Game Engine by CGRemakes
  • 4 Player Support by Kirby2000 and Tails
  • OSDM Menu System (c) SOA: Sega
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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