Feet of Fury

icon Feet of Fury was the first independant commercial game released for the Dreamcast, it's a musical beat and dance game with a far stronger emphasis on player-vs-player combat, the game can be played with a standard contoller, but for the ultimate challenge - a dance mat will show who's got the 'Feet of Fury'.

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The music's pumping. The arrows are flying toward the top of your screen and you're in the groove. Suddenly your opponent cackles and your arrows are going twice as fast and yet more spaced out. You got distracted by the sound scope in the background, but you've got it covered and now it's their turn - their arrows are waving around like drunken sailors and you're both fighting to survive.

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The CD Image download features the Preview/Beta version of Feet of Fury that was released October 15, 2002. Feet of Fury was released commercially on July 7, 2003. The full version of the game features some unique touches and different game modes, such as 'Typing of Fury'. In Typing of Fury, you must use the Dreamcast keyboard to type words in time to the music, at the very least, you'll end up a master at speed-typing even if you don't beat the game.

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Swap CD

Another unique feature of Feet of Fury is the ability to use a swap disc, you can create your own CD with your choice of music, create the dance moves to go with the music, then challenge your friends to beat you on the dance floor.

For more information about how to create your own Feet of Fury swap CDs, check the Cryptic Allusion Forums.

Feet of Fury Screen 3

Peripheral Tester

If you are unsure if the game will work correctly with your controllers or dance mats, you can test your equipment to see if it is compatibly with Feet of Fury by downloading a CD image of Cryptic Allusion's Peripheral Tester on this page.

The Peripheral Tester CD Image contains an application that will let you test out various equipment for the Dreamcast, the application uses the same interface code as Feet of Fury does so you are sure to be 100% compatible with the game.

Feet of Fury Screen 4

Documentation and Source Code

In 2004 Cryptic Allusion released the source code for Feet of Fury, you can download it on this page. For more information about the source release, see the links below.


  • Feet of Fury: Cryptic Allusion
  • Feet of Fury Publisher: GOAT
  • CD Images presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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