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Epitech is a computer science school based in Paris, France. The Epitech Game Development Laboratory was founded in early 2002 as an attempt to offer students a way to develop their skills through the process of video game development. The laboratory offered an environment dedicated to game development, composed by professional and internal tools such as the Iris 3D engine. The laboratory also provided technical and organizational support to help students to develop for Dreamcast, Game Park32, GameBoy Advance and PC.

The laboratory student projects announced for 2003 are listed below.

  • Group 01 - Eden (PC)
  • Group 02 - Not Announced
  • Group 03 - Bug-o-tron (GBA)
  • Group 04 - Blame! (PC)
  • Group 05 - Belial (GBA)
  • Group 06 - Epikart (DC)
  • Group 07 - Epifighter (DC)
  • Group 08 - Saving flowers (DC)
  • Group 09 - Wing32 (GP32)
  • Group 10 - LabSound (GBA)
  • Group 11 - LostCollection (GBA)
  • Group 12 - Kon'gen (GBA)
  • Group 13 - Frozen Bubble (GBA)
  • Group 14 - Bomber Digger (DC)
  • Group 15 - TouchMyRigidBody (PC / DC)
  • Group 16 - Grimlory (GBA)
  • Group 17 - Chu Chu Rocket (PC)

Out of the five Dreamcast projects announced on the 4th June 2003, three were released as separate games on the 16th August 2003 - Epifighter, Saving Flowers, and Psycho Bomber (Bomber Digger was renamed Psycho Bomber). Epikart was not released by Epitech due to its incomplete status at the end of the project year, TouchMyRigidBody was listed later as a project for PC only.

I've just released three student games. I haven't had time to do a nice interface :( sorry.
I hope you will like these games which are, in my opinion, more complex but still less finished than the past year.

- Olivier Chatry


The Epikart project was not finished but a build did exist (compiled 19th July 2003) before the project was deleted, a CD Image of that build can be downloaded here. Epikart is a Micro Machines type game, it consists of one level with obstructions, a slope, and a ramp. Puddles of oil on the track will slow players down, whilst a turbo boost option is also available to gain an advantage. Epikart is a 2 player only game (you will need 2 controllers plugged in to boot the game).

Epikart screen

Epikart Developers

  • Unknown at present


  • Student Projects: Epitech Console Laboratory
  • Iris3D: Olivier Chatry


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