icon Epifighter is a 2 player technical combat game created in 2003 by the students of the Epitech Console Laboratory.


The download contains a CD Image featuring the beat 'em up game Epifighter, the game is for 2 players only (you will need at least 2 controllers plugged in to play the game), Epifighter was one of the Epitech 2003 student projects.

Epifighter screen 1

Epifighter Developers

  • Clement Bourgeon
  • Guillaume Denoix
  • Julien Barbier
  • Kamel Founadi
  • Mathieu Ghaleb
  • Stephan Ferrarro
  • Jeremy Billay
  • Jerome Lepeut
Epifighter screen 2

Epifighter Controls

A complete list of all control options available for Epifighter can be viewed in the original Readme file which can be found here.

Epifighter screen 3


  • Epifighter: Epitech Console Laboratory
  • Iris3D: Olivier Chatry
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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