Alice in Wonderland

iconWe present to you here the first Dreamcast E-Book with the classic literature Alice in Wonderland.


Alice DCEBook 1

The intro, menu system and text viewer files from the demo disc DC Tonic are used to bring you this unique if rather odd release for the Dreamcast. The text viewer has the added bonus of being able to scroll JPEG images as backdrop graphics while displaying the text to read, this was the reason to use the text viewer files from DC Tonic. MP3 background music can also be played while using the text viewer, making the viewer files a great way to enjoy reading a book on your Dreamcast.

The scrolling background art used for this release are original illustrations made by John Tenniel for Alice in Wonderland. Every original illustration features somewhere in the background, some illustrations have been merged together on one page in order to include them all with the entire text from the book.

Alice DCEBook 2


  • Menu
    • D-Pad Up / Down - Browse
    • A - Select
  • E-Book
    • Analog Stick / D-Pad - Scroll Text
    • R Trigger - Chapter Forward
    • L Trigger - Chapter Back
    • Start - Exit to Menu
Alice DCEBook 3


  • Alice in Wonderland: Lewis Carroll
  • Illustrations: John Tenniel
  • DC Tonic Files: Dan Potter
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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