icon dRxLaX is an independent multiplayer game inspired by the Sega Saturn release Death Tank Zwei, the initial visual gameplay is similar to the classic Asteroids but soon becomes something very different.

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This CD Image features dRxLaX version 0.91 compiled on the 11th January 2003 by Daniel Fairchild, the sourcecode and a few extras are also included within the download.

dRxLaX Screen 1

dRxLaX is a multiplayer game for up to four players, new players (additional controllers plugged in) can join in at any time, but they will have to wait for the next round to participate. In the game you control a color-coded ship, your ship contains a limited energy bar and a limited shield bar. When your shield is depleted you are taken out of action for the remainder of the round.

Energy is used to fire shots and deploy mines. Your ship constantly gains more energy relative to how large your shield is. The drawbacks to increasing the size of your shield is that you become much slower, easier to hit and more vulnerable to mine explosions. When you cause damage to another ship, your ship earns 1/3 of what they have lost.

dRxLaX Screen 2

dRxLaX Controls

  • START - Start Game / Pause Game / Demo Interrupt
  • B (in Pause Menu) - Reset to Title
  • D-Pad / Analog Stick - Move Ship

NOTE: The ship rotates towards the direction you point the controls, it does not keep spinning if you hold Left or Right.

  • R Trigger - Accelerate
  • L Trigger - Increase Size

NOTE: The bigger you are the more energy you collect, but you also become slower and easier to hit.

  • A - Fire
  • B - Deploy Mine
  • X - Exchange Life for Energy
  • Y - Exchange Energy for Life
dRxLaX Screen 3

At the end of a round you will go to the scoreboard menu. The player who won the round has control here. Pressing A will view a replay of the round, pressing Start will go to the next round.


  • dRxLaX: Daniel Fairchild
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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