icon This is a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up demo for a game announced by Handmade Videogames in 2005.


Drill Screen 1

The demo on this CD Image also features in The Sandman collection. NOTE: to activate the 'Hardcore Mode' in the demo, select 'surprise' in the main menu 3 times.


  • A button: Wide Shot (hold for Stream shot)
  • B button: Drill
  • A+B button: Stationary Drill Charge
Drill Screen 2

Drill Credits

  • Project Manager: Rom1FromMars (STREICHEMBERGER Romain)
  • Sprites: groseb (DARTIAILH Sebastien), Radigo (LEVAISQUE Julien)
  • Art/Backgrounds: Radigo
  • Music: Onosendai
  • Level Design: Bibi (ABEHSSERA Julien), Rom1FromMars
  • Programming: Rom1FromMars
  • Webmaster: Akaimakai (BERNET-ROLLANDE Marc)
  • Translation: Cormano
Drill Screen 3


  • Drill: Handmade Videogames
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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