icon DreamMP3 is an MP3 player for the Dreamcast, the GUI is based on the Dream68 release by the same author, and the software later became the multimedia player DCPlaya.

Dreamcast EP 1

This CD Image contains DreamMP3 along with The Dreamcast EP free release by The Branch Collection and, the EP was created during a party celebrating the Dreamcast in April 2009. SEGA and Dreamcast fans gathered together to play games, make music, and have fun, the outcome of that party was The Dreamcast EP. An alternative CD Image is also available, this contains the same DreamMP3 software and EP but with an additional CDDA version of the music which can be played in your home/car/portable CD player.

Dreamcast EP 2


The Dreamcast EP was available for purchase from for a short time, the EP was available with a handmade Dreamcast shaped box along with additional tracks not featured on the free release. Also, an additional CD by one of the bands featured on the EP was included as a freebie, and all for the price of $5 including shipping! (which covered production and shipping costs, website bandwidth fees, and reimbursement for the bands and their donated albums).

Dreamcast EP 3

DreamMP3 Controls

  • General
    • D-Pad / Analog Stick L / R - Browser / Playlist
    • D-Pad / Analog Stick U / D - Scroll
    • L / R Trigger - Page Up / Down
    • Start - Info/Help
    • Y - Options
  • Browser
    • A - Enter dir / Play / Enqueue
    • B - Stop / Playlist
    • X - Insert to Playlist
  • Playlist
    • A - Play
    • B - Remove
    • X - Activate Filebrowser
  • Options (with Y button)
    • Up / Down - Next / Previous
    • L / R - Change Selected
  • Options List
    • L / R - 0 to 100 Volume
  • File Filter
    • L / R - MP3 / All Files

Boot Disc

Along with the sampler CD Images there is a Boot CD Image that does not contain any additional multimedia files, it contains the DreamMP3 application only.


  • DreamMP3: Ben(jammin) Gerard
  • The Dreamcast EP: (site no longer available)
  • CD Images presented by: The DCEvolution Team

Site Links

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