icon DreamBee is a basic music player created for the Dreamcast by Ian Micheal, the application can play MP2 and MP3 audio files, it includes disk swap support, a file browser, and VMU animation during playback is also included.

The Viper Sound

This CD contains the DreamBee application along with the complete double album Beyond The Sky by The Viper Sound. The music was created by the extremely talented José Manuel G.C. and released under the creative commons license.

DreamBee Screen 1


  • D-Pad Up / Down - Browse
  • A - Open directory / Play file
  • B - Stop playback / Refresh after disk swap
  • Start - Reboot
DreamBee Screen 2

Boot Disc

Along with the sampler CD Image there is a Boot CD Image that does not contain any additional multimedia files, it contains the DreamBee application only.

DreamBee Screen 3


  • Music: The Viper Sound
  • DreamBee: Ian Micheal
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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DreamBee Boot Disc CD Image Download (1.5 MB)
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