icon DreamAMP is an early Dreamcast MP3 player created by Lienus, it also displays JPG pictures as background theme images for the menu, the functions are limited with the application but the playback is very good.

The CD Image contains eleven tracks from the album Nexus by Langdana. Jörg Lang (Langdana) is an extremely talented guitarist from Germany, he expresses himself both philosophically and emotionally in his music, he cites Mike Oldfield as one of his main inspirations, and his sound isn't too dissimilar from the guitar legend in places.


DreamAMP Controls

  • D-Pad UP/DOWN - to browse
  • A button - play the highlighted track
  • START button - stop playback


  • DreamAMP: Lienus
  • Music: Langdana (MySpace page)
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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