Dream Selection: Volume 1

icon Dream Selection Volume 1 is a compilation of some of the best homebrew games, applications,and tech demos the Dreamcast Scene has to offer. It's fully loaded with a total of 25 programs! You can listen to your MP3 collection, watch your favourite movies and view your JPEG files. Included games are clones of Tetris, Breakout and Space Invaders. Also, many more original game ideas can be found on this disc. Finally - several demo's are included, of which, many are fully interactive.

Homebrew Games

  • 3D Invaders by Axlen
  • Amanda the Witch's Apprentice by Trilinear
  • Brkout by Jim Ursetto
  • Cool Herders by Tursi N Tertainment
  • DCQuad by Douglas Winslow
  • Digimine by Dreamcast Moe Project
  • Echo's Quest by Trilinear
  • High Cube by Greco Maldonado
  • Iris3D by Olivier Chatry
  • Rocket Racer by Trilinear
  • Simon by burnerO
  • Warlord by Nathan Whitehead
Dream Selection Screen 1


  • DCDivX by Marc Dukette
  • DCHakker by DCGrendel
  • Demo Menu by DCGrendel
  • DreamMP3 by Ben(jamin) Gerard
  • GhettoPlay Vorbis by Dan Potter, Thorsten Titze
  • Slideshow by Nathan Whitehead
  • ToEleven by Patrick Swieskowski
Dream Selection Screen 2

Tech Demos

  • DCTunnel by Axlen
  • Japamerica by Dragonsimoto
  • Luftvarg by Outbreak
  • MD2 and 3DS by Heinrich Tillack
  • OpenGL Objectorium by Greengiant
  • SphereMap by Trilinear
Dream Selection Screen 3


This CD Image dates from Christmas 2002 and was our first compilation image, a great deal in making a Dream Inducer menu was learned in the meantime, and in October 2004 we updated the CD Image with a bit of polish to the menu (but left the original contents intact).


  • Original Idea, support by: Wraggster
  • Menu, Intro Movie, Technical support by: ZacMc
  • Intro Movie, original webpages by: Captain Skyhawk
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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