Dream Selection: Volume 2 - Tetris Clone Edition

icon Our second Dream Selection release features nothing but Tetris clones, this disc contains seven homebrew Dreamcast Tetris games and eight Public Domain Tetris games (that are running under various emulators on the DC). This selection comes with an advanced Dream Inducer menu where you can find all your information directly on your TV!

Dream Selection TCE Screen 1

Homebrew Games

  • Blockdrop
  • Clonetris
  • DCQuad (with music)
  • TetrisCD
  • Titres
  • Unnamed Tetris
  • Tetris
Dream Selection TCE Screen 2

Emulators and PD ROMs

  • DCGNUboy - Tetris the music, Tetris by Dreambit, Tetra Blox
  • Boob!Boy - Tetris by Dreambit, Tetra Blox
  • StellaDC - Tetris26
  • SMEG - Tetris R4 by Heliophobe
  • Dream Engine - Tetris 0.4
  • [D]Colem - Kevtris
  • PcSXdc - Tetr-a-Demo
Dream Selection TCE Screen 3

When this compilation was released back in 2003 it was available with a music track which could be played in any CD audio player, that original Audio/Data CD Image can also be downloaded here.


  • Menu, Intro Movie, Technical support by: ZacMc
  • Intro Movie, original webpages by: Captain Skyhawk
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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