Dream Explorer

icon VMU Tool (a.k.a. Dream Explorer) is an application for the Dreamcast that allows you to explore the content of your VMU, PC, and CD/GD, and open their files in the numerous bundled tools. The CD image includes almost 6000 VMU saves, 400 Shenmue VMU Goodies, 130 VMU games, 350 VMU icons, 32 new wallpapers and 9 new music tracks.

Among other things you can easily backup VMU files to PC and vice versa, or download VMU files from the CD. DCI and VMI+VMS files are supported as well as raw or DCM dumps.

Dream Explorer Screen 1

The VMU menu lets you:

  • browse your VMUs (includes hidden files)
  • unlock 44 extra blocks for your VMUs
  • compress/uncompress VMU files
  • draw your own icon for the VMU screen
  • defragment the VMU files
  • play VMU minigame on your TV with the VMU emulator
  • change the background image of the Dreamcast's boot menu
  • hexedit VMU files
  • view PSO screenshots
  • edit Gameshark CDX codes
  • and much more...
  • The PC/CD explorer lets your freely browse the directories of your PC's hard drive disk or the CD/GD inserted in your Dreamcast.
Dream Explorer Screen 2

You can open BMP, JPEG and PNG images as well as PVR textures in an image viewer with many features such as zoom, rotation, flipping, and slideshow. There's also an audio player for playing MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Wave sounds with a timer displayed in real time.

Dream Explorer Screen 3

If you want to read text files easily from your Dreamcast you can open them in the text viewer, It displays formatted text with auto carriage return. The GUI is fully themable. You can select a wallpaper from your PC or a CD/GD in your Dreamcast. The menus' background color and opacity as well as text's color can be changed in options or loaded from a theme file. Menu texts are translated to English (fully), French (mostly), also partly translated to German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Polish. You can use the pad or the Dreamcast keyboard to browse menus and enter text, keyboard keys position can be changed in the options.

For more information on this release, check the Readme.


  • Dream Explorer VMUTool CD: Speud

NOTE: The CD Image available is the original version and was not created by DCEvolution.


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