icon This is a CD Image featuring the sc68 music archive, the archive contains the AtariST and Amiga soundchip music that isn't available in the MOD format. Over 1,800 songs are included!

Dream68 Screen 3


To bring you this collection, we have used the Dreamcast sc68 player Dream68 by Bejamin Gerard, later, Dream68 evolved into the DCPlaya project. Dream68 was originally released together with the then current sc68 collection, we have updated Dream68 with the latest sc68 collection - giving you 1,800 songs to listen to. Complete instructions on how to use Dream68 are now featured in the menu, also, we split the Amiga and AtariST songs into seperate directories, so you can now choose which system's music you want to listen to.

Dream68 Screen 1


 Dream Inducer Menu:

  • D-Pad UP / Down - Browse
  • A - Select

 Dream68: There are many control options with Dream68, for a complete rundown check the release Readme file here, to get you started a brief outline of controls are also shown below.

  • D-Pad Left / Right - File Browser or Playlist Window
  • D-Pad UP / Down - Scroll Individual Items
  • L+R Triggers - Scroll Up / Down by Page
  • Start - Toggle Info / Help
  • A - Open Directory / Play Music
  • B - Stop Music / Remove from Playlist
  • X - Insert Item into Playlist
  • Y - Options Mode
Dream68 Screen 2


  • Dream68: Benjamin Gerard
  • sc68 Archive: sc68
  • Dream Inducer: DCGrendel
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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