icon D.I.S.S. (Dragyn's Image Slide Show) is a Dreamcast application to view JPG images on your TV.


The CD Image contains the application along with 30 fairly high quality wallpaper/photographs so you can try out the software straight after burning.

DISS Screen 1

D.I.S.S. Features

  • Decoding of JPG images only
  • Support for 24 bit color or Grayscale pictures
  • Support for images up to 5120*3840
  • Automatic scaling at fixed ratios of 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:8
  • Automatic centering of image
  • Next, Previous, First, Last, Blank Screen, and Quit commands
  • Disk Swap support (from 'images' directory)
  • 1,000 picture limit
DISS Screen 2

D.I.S.S. Controls

  • At the menu screen press the A button to view the included pictures
  • For disk swap, swap at the menu screen and press the A button
  • A - Next picture
  • B - Previous picture
  • X - Hide/show picture (Blank screen)
  • Y - Help instructions
  • Left Trigger + A - Return to first picture
  • Left Trigger + B - Jump to last picture
DISS Screen 3

To make your own D.I.S.S. picture CD, simply create a directory named 'images' on your hard drive, put your JPG files in there (1,000 file limit), burn to a CDR, then Disc Swap your picture CD at the menu.


  • D.I.S.S.: Dragyn
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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