icon The wizard Rincewind is given the task of saving the city of Ankh-Morpork from a dragon who has been summoned by a secret order, can the inept wizard stop the creature from wreaking havoc upon the city?.


This CD Image contains ScummVM version 1.0.0 with the DOS CD Demo of Discworld. The game engine plugin used for this release is the 'TINSEL' engine, it supports the games Discworld and Discworld II, the Playstation ports of both games are also supported.

Discworld Screen 1

ScummVM Menu Controls

  • D-Pad/Analog Stick Up/Down - Browse List
  • A or Start - Select
Discworld Screen 2

ScummVM General Controls

  • D-Pad - Slow Cursor
  • Analog Stick - Quick Cursor
  • A - Action (Mouse Left Button)
  • B - Action (Mouse Right Button)
  • Left Trigger - Launch/Hide Virtual Keyboard
  • D-Pad - Highlight Virtual Key
  • A - Virtual Key Select
Discworld Screen 3


The version of ScummVM used for this CD Image has the 'Autosave' function disabled, so you can play the demo and the full games without interruption on the Dreamcast (no more beep every five minutes).


  • Interpreter: ScummVM
  • ScummVM Dreamcast Port: Marcus Comstedt
  • Discworld: Psygnosis
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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