Devilish Racing

icon A racing game similar to the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game R.C. Pro-Am created by Rare in 1988, developed with DIV and ported to Dreamcast in 2005.


Devilish Racing screen 1

Devilish Racing has three types of race to choose from: Championship, Versus and Single Race. There are five types of car and five race circuits available, and each race has powerups and obstacles, ranging from speed boosts to oilslicks.

The original DIV version of Devilish Racing was developed by Devilish Games, the game was ported to GP32 by Chui in 2004, then compiled along with Chui's updated FSL for Dreamcast by Wraggster and released in January 2005.

Devilish Racing screen 2

Controls (Menu)

  • D-Pad - Browse Options
  • Start - Select Option/Start Game

Controls (Game)

  • A - Accelerate
  • B - Reverse
  • D-Pad - Steer Car
Devilish Racing screen 3


  • Devilish Racing: Devilish Games
  • Devilish Racing Dreamcast Port: Chui & Wraggster
  • Fenix Dreamcast Port and FSL: Chui

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