Defense Commander

icon Defense Commander was an early demo/mini-game by Titanium Studios, it was created for Microsoft to demonstrate simultaneous cross platform development and networking between the Dreamcast and the PC.

The project was developed from scratch, it has plenty of cool features such as detailed fractal terrain, spherically mapped multipass sky, trick tracer fire rendering code and cool particle effects. It also features a C++ AI system and multithreaded client side predicted networking.

Defense Commander Screen 1


  • Start - Play / Return to Menu
  • Analog Stick - Move Turret
  • B - Trigger Smart Bomb
  • X - Fire Guns
  • Y - Fire Missile
  • L Trigger - Observation Mode
  • R Trigger - Pause Time
  • D-Pad - Move Camera in Observation Mode
Defense Commander Screen 2

Mouse Controls

  • Moving the Mouse controls direction
  • Left Mouse Button - Fire Guns
  • Right Mouse Button - Fire Missile
  • Center Mouse Button - Trigger Smart Bomb
Defense Commander Screen 3

Keyboard Controls

  • F1 - Toggle Help Screen
  • F2 - Toggle Observer Mode
  • F3 - Pause / Unpause Time
  • F4 - Toggles Frame Rate Display
  • F5 - Toggles "Show Triangles" (PC Only)
  • F6 - Toggle God Mode
  • F7 / F8 - Start / Stop Demo Record (PC Only)
  • F9 - Run The Benchmark
  • F10 - Exit Game (PC Only)
  • F11 - Takes a screenshot (PC Only)
  • Ctrl - Fire Guns
  • Alt - Fire Missile
  • Space - Trigger Smart Bomb
  • Enter / Return - Start Game
  • Esc - End Game
  • Arrow keys - Move in Observer Mode
  • W / A / S / D - Move in Observer Mode

Both Windows and Dreamcast versions of Defense Commander were released simultaneously to demonstrate the ability of PC and Dreamcast to network together, the original release readme file can be found here.

Titanium Studios also ported Quake to the Dreamcast as QuakeDC, they then went on to create the commercial Dreamcast games Razor Freestyle Scooter and Stupid Invaders.


  • Defense Commander: Titanium Studios
  • CD Image Presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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