Halloween Novelty (Movie) - Deadtime Stories

icon Deadtime Stories (aka Freaky Fairytales) is a horror film released in 1986, starring Scott Valentine, Nicole Picard, Matt Mitler, and Cathryn de Prume.

The download contains a CD Image featuring the Public Domain movie Deadtime Stories along with DCDivX Beta 3 by Marc Dukette.

Movie Overview

Brian can't get to sleep, so it's up to his uncle Mike to tell him some bedtime stories before he goes off to dreamland. The only problem is, uncle Mike has his own versions of the classic tales 'Peter And The Wolf', 'Little Red Riding Hood', and 'Goldilocks And The Three Bears'. It really is no wonder why Brian can't get to sleep, with his uncle more interested in watching 'Miss Nude Beauty Pageant' and the bedtime stories becoming weirder as they continue, any young boy would have nightmares after this trio of tales.

Deadtime Stories 1

Movie General Information

Filmed as a horror-comedy anthology, Deadtime Stories tries to recapture what Creepshow did for audiences in the 1980s. The movie itself has to be seen to be believed, it's low budget, it has witches, werewolves, psychopathic killers, and more than its fair share of dead bodies. A movie that's so bad, it's good!. Simply another perfect low budget horror flick for the Halloween season.

Movie Quote

Uncle Mike: "Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Rachel. Actually, she wasn't all that little. She was a hot-looking high school senior with deep blue eyes, and fine, firm breasts and..."
Brian: That's not the way Mom tells it!.
Uncle Mike: Shut up!. That's the way I tell it.

Deadtime Stories 2

Movie Credits

  • Directed by Jeffrey Delman
  • Produced by Bill Paul
  • Screenplay by Jeffrey Delman, Charles F. Shelton, J. Edward Kiernan
  • Story by Jeffrey Delman
  • Music by Larry Juris
  • Scott Valentine - Peter
  • Nicole Picard - Rachel
  • Matt Mitler - Willie
  • Cathryn de Prume - Goldi Lox
  • Melissa Leo - Judith 'MaMa' Baer
  • Kathy Fleig - Miranda
  • Phyllis Craig - Hanagohl
  • Michael Mesmer - Uncle Mike
  • Brian DePersia - Little Brian
  • Kevin Hannon - Beresford 'Papa' Baer
  • Timothy Rule - Wilmont 'Baby' Baer
  • Anne Redfern - Florinda
  • Casper Roos - Vicar
  • Barbara Seldon - Seductress
  • Leigh Kilton - Seductress
  • Lesley Sank - Reviving Magoga
  • Lisa Cain - Living Magoga
  • Jeffrey Delman - Strangling Man
  • Michael Berlinger - Greg
  • Fran Lopate - Grandma
  • John Bachelder - Drugstore Clerk
  • Caroline Carrigan - Nurse
  • Oded Carmi - Groundskeeper / Postman
  • Heather L. Baley - Girl in Store
  • Thea - Dog
  • Bob Trimboli - Lt. Jack B. Nimble
  • Harvey Pierce - Capt. Jack B. Quick
  • Rondell Sheridan - Looney Bin Guard
  • Beth Felty - Reporter
  • Patrick McCord - Anchor
  • Michele Mars - Waitress
  • Ron Bush - Bank Guard
  • Bryant Tausek - Man At Car
  • Suzanna Vaucher - Weather Girl
  • Leif Wennestrom - Dead Body
  • Jim Nocell - Dead Body

DCDivX Controls

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  • A - Play / Pause / Resume / Open Directory
  • B - Play next file
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Note: The movie is not suitable for minors.


  • Deadtime Stories: Public Domain
  • DCDivX: Marc Dukette
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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