icon DCVCD is a VCD, SVCD, and MPEG movie player for the Dreamcast, the application is an early evaluation version created by bero.


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This CD Image contains an early version of DCVCD. Due to a hard drive crash, later versions of the application (along with the sourcecode) were lost, this was the only version found and released by bero. The application can play MPEG1, MPEG2, and XviD movie files, but was mainly developed to be a VCD and SVCD movie player. Being an early version, VCD and SVCD disks play reasonably well but have audio/video sync issues (meaning the sound or picture will skip to keep up with each other). When released, DCVCD had 'Evaluation Version' appearing onscreen in large text, the text has been removed from the boot disc, however, the original unaltered binary is included as an extra on the CD.

NOTE: The boot disc is hosted here mainly for historical purposes, the movie playback of the application is not perfect.


  • D-Pad Up / Down - Browse
  • A - Play file
  • B - Back
  • X - Play VCD / SVCD after disc swap
  • Y - Rescan after disc swap


  • DCVCD: Bero
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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