icon DCQuad is a Tetris clone with familiar graphics for the puzzle shapes and familiar sounds effects during gameplay, it does however have some unique touches, those include a Multiplayer Mode, and background art from the Anime Serial Experiments: Lain which changes with every level progression.

DCQuad Screen 1

This CD Image features DCQuad Revision 5 compiled on the 15th March 2002 by Douglas Winslow, the release version of DCQuad had S3M audio support but audio was disabled, an additional version of the game with an S3M audio track is included on the CD as an alternative selection. The original version of DCQuad was also featured on our Dream Selection Volume 1 CD Image back in 2002.

DCQuad Screen 2

DCQuad is a from-scratch adaptation of Tetris with the gameplay primarily based on the Nintendo GameBoy version. The game also features a Multiplayer Mode which can be played by up to four players. When rows of shapes are cleared in a multiplayer game, the shapes will be sent to another player chosen at random, making the Multiplayer Mode a unique challenge while creating a party game from a classic puzzler.

Menu Controls

  • D-Pad - Up / Down
  • A / START - Select
DCQuad Screen 3

DCQuad Controls

  • D-Pad - Move Shape Left, Right, Down
  • A - Rotate Shape Clockwise
  • B - Rotate Shape Counter-Clockwise
  • START - Pause
  • L + R - Hide Next Shape
  • A + B + X + Y + START - Exit
DCQuad Screen 4



  • DCQuad: Douglas Winslow
  • Menu: Chui
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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