icon DCPlaya is a multimedia player for the Dreamcast, some of the audio formats supported are MP3, OGG, CDDA, SPC, SID, and MOD. The application also supports DivX, XviD, and FLV video files. Pictures and text can also be displayed and visual plugins can be used for onscreen effects.

This CD Image features DCPlaya 2.0 Beta 2X, which is a slightly modified version of the last release of the DCPlaya application. The modifications were made by OVERRiDE to try and optimize media playback, in theory this results in quicker loading along with slightly better performance when playing files that use FFMpeg codecs (MP3, OGG, AVI etc.).

50 Foot Wave

Along with the application, the CD Image includes music by 50 Foot Wave, which is an alternative rock band fronted by Kristin Hersh. 50 Foot Wave's entire back-catalog is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, CD's, Vinyl, and other official 50 Foot Wave merchandise can be still be purchased from here.

DCPlaya Screen 1

DCPlaya - Jess Lysen Edition

The first release of DCPlaya (version 1.0) was compiled into a mini-compilation featuring music by Jess Lysen, the CD Image is hosted for historical purposes and can be downloaded on this page.

DCPlaya Screen 2

Boot Discs

Along with the sampler CD Image there are Boot CD Images that do not contain any additional multimedia files, they contain the original release binaries and default themes for the application, a Boot CD for DCPlaya 2.0 Beta 2X is also included.

DCPlaya Screen 3


Site Links

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DCPlaya V1.0 Jess Lysen Edition CD Image Download (20.5 MB)
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DCPlaya Version 1.2 Boot Disc CD Image Download (4.0 MB)
DCPlaya Thumbnail 3
DCPlaya Version 2.0 Beta 2 Boot Disc CD Image Download (3.3 MB)
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DCPlaya Version 2.0 Beta 2X Boot Disc CD Image Download (1.9 MB)