icon DCPhoenix is a Phoenix and Pleiads Arcade Emulator for the Dreamcast ported by Point Blank in 2001.


DCPhoenix Screen 1

This CD Image features the final release of DCPhoenix (version 0.5) compiled by Chris White (aka Point Blank) on the 26th April 2001. DCPhoenix is a port of the old DOS / Allegro Phoenix emulator Jabawape by Darren Finck. The Emulator has support for one or two players (as with the original arcade machine - you use the same controller and take turns to play), it also supports Dipswitch Settings and has sound (for Phoenix only). NOTE: Due to the original arcade machine having a vertical monitor, to squeeze the display onto a horizontal screen a few lines have been chopped off the bottom, however, this does not make any difference to the actual game.

DCPhoenix Screen 2

Extra Content

  • DCPhoenix 0.1 Plainfiles
  • DCPhoenix 0.2 Plainfiles
  • DCPhoenix 0.3 Plainfiles
  • DCPhoenix 0.3 Sourcecode
  • DCPhoenix 0.4 Plainfiles
  • DCPhoenix 0.4 Sourcecode
  • DCPhoenix 0.5 Plainfiles
  • DCPhoenix 0.5 Sourcecode
  • Jabawape 2.1 with Sourcecode
DCPhoenix Screen 3


  • D-Pad - Movement
  • A - Fire
  • B - Shield (Phoenix Only)
  • X - Insert Coin
  • Left Trigger - 1 Player Start
  • Right Trigger - 2 Player Start
  • Start - Return to Menu
DCPhoenix Screen 4


  • DCPhoenix: Point Blank
  • Jabawape: D. Finck
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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