icon DCMP3 is an early MP3 player for the Dreamcast, its features include a JPG viewer which can be used to produce theme backdrops when playing tracks, a screensaver, and Playlist creation.

Laughing Colors

The CD Image contains a live performance by Laughing Colors (aka LC), the songs by Laughing Colors and their pure rock live performances had contributed to their reputation as being one of the most popular live bands from the Mid-Atlantic, the live performance featured is a short early concert by the band from 1994 entitled 'Party Check!', it features tracks from their albums 'Laughing Colors' and 'What's So Funny'.

DCMP3 Features

  • Disc swap
  • File browser (including sub-directories)
  • M3U playlist support
  • Playlist creation
  • Screen saver
  • Wallpaper (themes)
DCMP3 Screen 1

DCMP3 Controls

MP3 Mode

  • A button: Play
  • B button: Create playlist mode
  • X button: Hide / show text
  • Y button: Pause / Stop
  • Start button: go to JPG mode

 JPG Mode

  • A button: Show
  • B button: Show DCMP3 background
  • X button: Hide / show text
  • Start button: go to MP3 mode

 Playlist Create Mode

  • A button: Include mp3 in playlist
  • B button: Play created playlist
  • X button: Hide / show text
  • Y button: Select all MP3's in current directory for playlist

 Playlist Mode

  • A button: Play
  • B button: Shuffle on / off
  • X button: Hide / show text
  • Y button: Pause / Stop / Leave playlist mode
DCMP3 Screen 2

NOTE: VBR MP3 files are not supported by DCMP3.


  • DCMP3: Strat76
  • Laughing Colors: (site no longer available)
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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