icon DCHakker (aka Dream Hakker, aka Dream Loader) is probably the most useful application CD you could have in your Dreamcast homebrew collection, it has the ability to boot scrambled and unscrambled binary files from a seperate multisession CDR. As an added bonus, DCHakker can display JPG pictures on your TV and play S3M music files.

With DCHakker as a boot disk, you can burn a seperate multisession CDR with numerous Dreamcast releases, you can add files to that multisession CDR over and over as long as you do not finalize it (and as long as you have space available on that disk). Once you have burnt a multisession CDR with some Dreamcast files you want to test or play, Boot this DC Hakker CD, swap in your multisession CDR, then click Rescan to view the files. Browse the files, then select the binary you want to run and press the A button ('Open') to run it (press the Y button before pressing A if the binary is unscrambled).


Bonus Content

The boot CD sampler contains 15 binaries for you to try (all the files are unscrambled).

  • Aiming Tank (May 3 02) by DCDev38
  • Aiming Tank (May 25 02) by DCDev38
Aiming Tank
  • Battery by Jimbo
  • Biniax by Quzar
  • DCAsteroids by Jimbo
  • DCDraw by Tom Waters
  • DCircus by Chui
  • DCSketch by Tom Waters
  • Defendguin by Will Sams
  • Dodgin' Diamond 2 by Quzar
  • Graf Orlok's Bathunt by OneThirty8
  • Grande by DCGrendel
  • Komi by LTK
  • Miss Driller by Ian Micheal
  • Vectoroids by Will Sams


  • DCHakker: DCGrendel
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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