DCEmu Compilation Vol 1

icon A mini compilation of eight Fenix games and game demos, adapted from GP32 to Dreamcast and released as a CD Image in 2005.


Following Chui's Fenix SDL Loader (FSL) region update in 2004, allowing both PAL and NTSC Dreamcast owners to experience Fenix creations problem free, many more games and compilations began to be released. DCEmu webmaster and DC Evolution founder Wraggster compiled a CD Image containing the FSL and eight games developed with Fenix that he had adapted for the Dreamcast. The CD Image compilation was released at in February 2005.

DCEmu Fenix Compilation Volume 1

Bang GP

Bang GP by Chemaris


Caen Chuzos Depunta

Caen Chuzos Depunta by Licantropo


Falling Rocks

Falling Rocks by Sonic-NKT



GyroBall by JoanVR


Mata Marcianos 2001

Mata Marcianos 2001 by Pixel



Muahaha by Pakoito



Triler by JoanVR



Yetti by JoanVR
Update: This game has been re-adapted for Dreamcast
More information and downloads available on the Yetti page


  • Fenix Dreamcast Port and FSL: Chui
  • DCEmu Fenix Compilation 1: Wraggster
  • Dreamcast Site

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