icon DCDivX is a multimedia player, the application was mainly created for playback of DivX encoded movies on the Dreamcast, but MP3 and OGG audio files are also supported. The application also has theme support, which means you can create onscreen wallpaper to match the audio and video content on the CD.

This CD Image contains DCDivX Beta 3 and features the excellent short animated movie Big Buck Bunny, the movie was initiated by the Blender Foundation and created by the Peach open movie project.

Big Buck Bunny Screen 1

Big Buck Bunny

The amazing thing about the movie, is that it's created entirely from open source tools, and the entire software environment along with all the movie resources can be freely downloaded. Big Buck Bunny is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, the DVD and Blu-ray editions can be purchased from the Blender store.

Big Buck Bunny Screen 2

Boot Discs

Along with the sampler CD Image there are two Boot CD Images that do not contain any additional multimedia files, they contain the original release binary and default theme for the application. The playback quality of both Beta versions is pretty much the same but Beta 3 has better compatibility with DivX encoded movies. Beta 4 will load video files slightly quicker than Beta 3, depending on the size of file loading times can vary from around 2 to twenty (plus) seconds. Beta 4 will play audio files whilst displaying the menu theme, Beta 3 will display the loading screen during audio playback.



  • D-Pad Up / Down - Browse
  • A - Play / Pause / Resume / Open Directory
  • B - Play next file
  • X - Play previous file
  • Y - Stop
  • Start - Play directory


Site Links

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