icon DCASTLE is a 3D Dreamcast Independent game with a combination of 'Puzzle Breaking' and 'Shooter' elements, it is inspired by the classic Star Castle game by Cinematronics (released in 1980).



With DCASTLE you play as Dr. Freak - a mad scientist who is trying to return to his laboratory. Guarding the way back to the laboratory is Smily - the chain-smoking, fuzzball-firing Maniac. To conquer Smily, Dr. Freak must destroy the energy rings protecting him, but beware!, when a hole is penetrated in the three oppositely rotating energy rings, Smily has a way of firing back.

DCASTLE screen 1

The download contains a CD Image featuring the only 2 preview releases of DCASTLE created by Heinrich Tillack, both preview versions are presented by the Sandmenu created by MetaFox. Heinrich Tillack used the Iris3D engine created by Olivier Chatry for the game, Heinrich updated and modified the 3D engine significantly for DCASTLE, so much so that the new engine was to be released with a new title - Holly. Sadly, Holly3D did not get an official release. However, the complete source code for DCASTLE and the heavily modified Iris3D engine to accompany it was released in 2008, that source release is also featured as an extra within the CD download.

Menu Controls

  • D-PAD - Left / Right
  • A or START - Select
DCASTLE screen 2

DCASTLE Controls

  • Preview Version (Menu)
    • D-Pad - Browse
    • Options
      • Instructions Onscreen
    • START - Select
  • Preview Version (Ingame)
    • Analog Stick - Move Character
    • D-Pad - Move Camera
    • A - Fire
    • Start - Pause
      • A - Select Option
DCASTLE screen 3


  • DCASTLE: A128
  • Sandmenu: MetaFox
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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