Cowboy Bebop

icon An arcade-style space shoot'em up game inspired by the Sunrise anime television series Cowboy Bebop, developed with Fenix for multi-platform and ported by its author in 2005, and now re-adapted for Dreamcast.


Cowboy Bebop screen 1

Cowboy Bebop "The Game" contains ten levels (presented as storyline episodes), the first being a training level where you must destroy all the meteors in your path. Various enemies feature throughout the game with a boss to defeat at the end of each level, powerups are available to assist you on your mission.

Cowboy Bebop "The Game" was created for DOS, Mac, Linux, Windows and also ported to Dreamcast by Roland F.B., the Dreamcast version was originally released by Roland F.B. in January 2006.

Controls (Menu)

  • D-Pad UP/DOWN - Browse
  • Start - Select
Cowboy Bebop screen 2

Controls (Options)

  • D-Pad - Change Option
  • A - Select
Cowboy Bebop screen 3

Controls (Password)

  • D-Pad UP/DOWN - Change Digits
  • A - Advance to Next Box


  • 186 - Episode 1
  • 314 - Episode 2
  • 591 - Episode 3
  • 272 - Episode 4
  • 163 - Episode 5
  • 465 - Episode 6
  • 617 - Episode 7
  • 568 - Episode 8
  • 768 - Episode 9
  • 857 - Episode 10

This release comprises of Cowboy Bebop along with DCEvolution's version of Chui's Fenix SDL Loader (FSL) from November 2004, edited to exclude the Fenix splash screen and jingle, so the game loads directly.

The text within the game has been re-translated to English, two graphic files containing text have been edited, and all graphic file archives have been re-saved for size compression. The WAV music and sound effects have been resampled to the same frequency and balanced for volume, and the music has been cropped to loop seamlessly. Due to the alterations made to the game, a download for the original version has been made available, the download also includes DCEvo's version of the FSL.

Cowboy Bebop screen 4

Controls (Game)

  • D-Pad - Move Ship
  • A - Fire Weapon
  • Start - Pause
  • A or B - Resume
Cowboy Bebop screen 5


  • Cowboy Bebop "The Game": Roland F.B.
  • Fenix Dreamcast Port and FSL: Chui
  • Cowboy Bebop re-adapted for Dreamcast and presented by DCEvolution

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