Copper Swapper

icon Copper Swapper is a puzzle game by Atani Software and Team Screamcast, it is inspired by the browser game Bejeweled and the Flash game ZooKeeper.

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This CD Image features the initial release of Copper Swapper (version 0.50) compiled by Atani on the 12th May 2005. Three consecutive updates of Copper Swapper were released after the initial version, but neither of these releases have been known to work as a selfboot disc or via a menu loader (these releases are included as extras on the CD), the updates were reputedly only known to work via a coders cable.

Copper Swapper Screen 1

Extra Content

  • Copper Swapper 0.50 Plainfiles
  • Copper Swapper 0.50 Sourcecode
  • Copper Swapper 0.51 Plainfiles
  • Copper Swapper 0.51 Sourcecode
  • Copper Swapper 0.52 Plainfiles
  • Copper Swapper 0.52 Sourcecode
  • Copper Swapper 0.53 Plainfiles
  • Copper Swapper 0.53 Sourcecode
Copper Swapper Screen 2

Copper Swapper was initially planned to be included in the GOAT Games compilation which was announced for release in 2006. The GOAT Games independent commercial compilation sadly did not come to fruition but the Copper Swapper game does feature a cartoon mock-up of Copper, the Goat belonging to Jeff Minter which became the mascot of The GOAT Store.

Copper Swapper Controls

  • D-Pad Up / Down - Browse
  • A - Select
  • B - Cancel
  • Y - Reset Highscores (Highscores Menu)
    • Game Mode
      • Analog Stick - Highlight Blocks
      • R Trigger / A - Rotate Right
      • L Trigger / X - Rotate Left
      • Y - Pause / Quit Menu
Copper Swapper Screen 3



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