Most of the CD images created by DC Evolution are very complex and time consuming. Luckily, many great people in the Dreamcast homebrew scene devoted their time and talent to help with this task.

The DC Evolution Contributors are (in no particular order):

  • Mikey242
  • Fragger
  • Darksaviour69
  • Matisfaction
  • SiZiOUS
  • c99koder
  • goatdan
  • WaCk0
  • imw
  • bucanero
  • rmedtx
  • moi
  • Imerion
  • Sweater Fish Deluxe
  • Shyning
  • 1stvinicius
  • abydos1000
  • Sman
  • BlueCrab
  • axelblazeadam
  • Juan
  • azrafel
  • darc
  • blastar
  • Albatross
  • souLLy
  • MrGrill247
  • ...and many more...


If we have forgotten to include you on the list of contributors, please contact us, as we do appreciate everyone's efforts.

If you want to help out and contribute in any way, feel free to get in contact.



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