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icon This is an archive page for Code::Blocks (DCDev) created by fackue. Please note that the last Code::Blocks for Dreamcast release was in March 2008 and it is highly recommended that you go to for the latest independent development installation guidelines and help.

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The Code::Blocks DCDev was created by fackue (aka LyingWake) for both new and experienced coders as a quick and easy step-by-step way of installing Code::Blocks along with a set of Dreamcast independent development tools.

Code::Blocks Release 1: September 2007

Code::Blocks Release 2: March 2008


  • Code::Blocks DCDev: fackue
  • Code::Blocks:
  • Files hosted by: The DCEvolution Team

NOTE: The Files available are the original versions and were not created by DCEvolution.

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Code::Blocks DC Development R1 Download (20.1 MB)
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Code::Blocks DC Development R2 Download (24.5 MB)