icon A colorful novelty platform game where you play as a Chameleon and attempt to rescue your girlfriend from an evil Spider, developed with DIV and ported to Dreamcast in 2004.


The goal of the game is to help a Chameleon to rescue his girlfriend from a Spider and his army of insects, if you touch any creature on your adventure, you'll die. To reach your girlfriend you'll have to eat or kill the insects in your path, you will also need to defacate within a time limit, which produces probably the most unusual weapon to appear in a game.

The original DIV version of Camaleon was developed by Devilish Games, the game was ported to Dreamcast by Mekanaizer and released in December 2004.

Camaleon screen 1

Controls (Menu)

  • A - Skip Intro
  • D-Pad - UP / DOWN
  • Start - Select
  • JUGAR - Start Game
  • CREDITOS - Run Credits
  • SALIR - Quit / Reset Dreamcast

Controls (Map)

  • A - Start Level
  • X - Return to Menu
Camaleon screen 2

Controls (Game)

  • A - Jump
  • B - Use Tongue / Deposit Dung Ball
  • Start- Quit Level / Return to Map

NOTE: Once you have used your tongue to grab and swallow the Worms, Ants and other creatures, press B again before the bar at the top of the screen fills up, pressing B deposits a bouncing dung ball (use it to wipe out flying Wasps).

Camaleon screen 3


  • Camaleon: Devilish Games
  • Camaleon Dreamcast Port: Mekanaizer
  • Fenix Dreamcast Port and FSL: Chui

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