icon Burritro is an early demo from the Dreamcast Independent Scene, it originally featured in the Lik Sang sponsored y2kode competition and later featured in an updated form at the 2001 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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The first version of Burritro appeared in the y2kode competition, it was one of two independent Dreamcast projects that were entries in Group 1 (the Dreamcast group) of the y2kode contest, first place in the group went to the video player GypPlay and second place went to the demo Burritro. The y2kode version of Burritro was compiled on the 28th February 2001 with a completely independent development kit, while GypPlay used the WinCE development kit.

Burritro Credits

  • Code - adk/Napalm
  • Music - Nutcase/Deadline
Burritro Screen 1


Burritro Screen 2

Burritro V2

An aptly named 'Napalm Enhanced' version of Burritro was created and included in the May 19th 2001 compilation disc DCTonic, the compilation went on display and was distributed for free at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event that same year. The newer version of Burritro featured additional graphics, new music, and new graphic effects. A standalone version of the new Burritro (V2) was compiled on the 21st May 2001.

Burritro V2 Credits

  • Code - adk/Napalm
  • Music - ne7/Napalm
  • Logo - GuNHeD/Napalm
Burritro V2 Screen 1


Burritro V2 Screen 2


  • Burritro: Andrew Kieschnick/Napalm
  • CD Images presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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