The Bubble Machine

icon A clone of the arcade game Puzzle Bobble created by Taito Corporation in 1994, originally developed with DIV and ported from GP32 to Dreamcast in 2005.


The objective of the game is to clear all of the colored bubbles from the top of the playing field. Use the pointer to aim and then fire the bubbles to the top of the field, when three or more bubbles of the same color are grouped together, they burst. After a few bubbles have been fired, the floor will rise a small amount, the floor will then continue to rise after further bubbles have been fired. If any bubble crosses the line of the floor it's game over.

The original DIV version of The Bubble Machine was developed by Vinic Games, the game was ported to GP32 by Chui, the GP32 version was then adapted for Dreamcast by Wraggster and released in January 2005.

Bubble Machine screen 1


  • Start - Start Game
  • D-Pad - Control Pointer
  • A - Fire Bubble
Bubble Machine screen 2


  • The Bubble Machine: Vinic Games
  • The Bubble Machine Dreamcast Port: Chui & Wraggster
  • Fenix Dreamcast Port and FSL: Chui

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