Halloween Novelty (OTR) - Bells

icon Bells is an Old Time Radio program from 1961, to replicate listening to a Radio show back in the old days this release does not display graphics during playback, there is also no need for any interaction with the controller - simply boot the CD, turn out the lights and step back in time.

The download contains a CD Image featuring the OTR broadcast Bells along with Hello-Ogg by Thorsten Titze.

Radio Show Overview

Henry has resigned to the fact that he and his wife Lucy may have to stay in their noisy apartment for at least the foreseeable future, Lucy however believes that she is psychic and that a guardian angel is sending her messages to guide their way to pastures new. By coincidence a country Cottage appears on the market with the perfect location and at an affordable monthly rent. Everything seems too good to be true when the couple move in to their new home, but then the storm comes and the phone starts to ring.


Radio Show General Information

Bells was episode number 888 of the Suspense radio show broadcasted on CBS Radio and sponsored by Pepsi Cola, the original air date for this episode was August 6th 1961. Bells was written by Jack Bundy, produced and directed by Bruno Zirato Jr, the music was supervised by Ethel Huber, the announcer for the show was Stuart Metz.

Radio Show Cast of Characters

  • Lucy Fielding - Rosemary Rice
  • Henry Fielding - Bill Lipton
    • Supporting Cast
      • Larry Robinson
      • Lawson Zerbe
      • Toni Darnay


The Dreamcast homebrew test application Hello-Ogg was created by Thorsten Titze and included as an example along with the Ogg Vorbis Decoder Library (also by Thorsten Titze) distributed with KallistiOS. This release features the application edited to play an OGG-Vorbis file directly from the CD, the application is also edited to exclude ALL the original on screen text.

NOTE: the Hello-Ogg Vorbis example has two controller functions, pressing Y will restart the audio, pressing Start will quit the program (Dreamcast reboot required).


  • Hello-Ogg, SndOggVorbis Library for KOS: Thorsten Titze
  • LibOgg and LibVorbis:
  • KallistiOS: Cryptic Allusion Game Dev
  • Escape and Suspense!: Christine A. Miller's Blog
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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