Beats of Rage Collection - Volume 2

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About Beats of Rage

Beats of Rage was created by Senile Team as a tribute to the Streets of Rage series of games from SEGA. Beats of Rage is a side scrolling fighting game using character sprites and some parts from backgrounds to the 'King of Fighters' games by SNK Playmore. The original release features music, six levels and a bonus level. The game was first released for the PC and then ported to other systems including the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast port was created by Neill Corlett.

About the Beats of Rage MODS

Beats of Rage was developed with the end user in mind, this made it possible for anyone to make their own games with the engine, Senile Team also provided extensive guides with instructions on how to create a custom game. The end result was some very good and almost completely new games based on the engine being created, with many of these game mods originating from the Dreamcast community.

Included MODS

  • Beats of Rage Xtra (Team Senile)

"Why's there BoR on this release? I played it thousand times, u know..."

Well, at first, BoR belongs on a BoR collection, and then this is an exclusive but unofficial, slightly modified update of the original BoR with four additional characters (ripped by Mr.Q, Hokutoy & Justin Clarke), using a custom BoR engine created with L@Cible's BoR DC Toolchain. Play it again, won't you?!

  • Beats of Rage Remixed (Mr. Q)
  • Hyper Final Fight 1 & Hyper Final Fight 2 (Mr. Q)
Hyper Final Fight 1
  • Hatchet Ninjaz (Vision)
Hatchet Ninjaz
  • Dragons of Rage (KingHerb)
Dragons of Rage
  • Alien Vs Predator: Aftermath (KingHerb)
Alien Vs Predator Aftermath
  • Double Dragon Extreme (Mr. Q)
Double Dragon Extreme
  • Rage of the Streets (AxelBlazeAdam & Albatross)
Rage of the Streets

The release Readme file can be found here!, for additional notes about bugfixes, changes and updates open each PAK file and check CHANGES.TXT.


  • Beats of Rage by: Senile Team
  • Dreamcast Port by: Neill Corlett
  • BoR DC Toolchain, Rumble & 50Hz support by: L@Cible
  • OpenBoR by: Kirby2000 (& everyone involved at the time)
  • OSDM Menu System (c) SOA: Sega
  • CD Image presented by The DCEvolution Team


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