icon Here we present the Battletoads mod created by bWWd, it's a brand new game using the enhanced OpenBoR engine. The game took eight long months to create, contains five completely different game modes, and four playable characters:
Rash, Pimple & Zitz from Battletoads and Sketch Turner from Comix Zone.

Battletoads Screen 1

"I hope this will inspire someone to start his own mod or make his mod better. Have fun with it."

- bWWd

Battletoads Screen 2

This special Dreamcast Edition is based on version 07/07/2006 of Battletoads and now runs from start to end in all game modes without the RAM saving enabled.

The release Readme file can be found here!

Battletoads Screen 3

In addition, all other reported bugs in the original version have been fixed - Namely all slowdowns and the transparency problems with the cutscenes in 'Zombie Party' game mode.

Battletoads Screen 4


  • Battletoads: bWWd (Edited & Repacked by Christuserloeser)
  • Beats of Rage: Senile Team
  • BoR Dreamcast Port: Neill Corlett
  • BoR DC Toolchain & 50 Hz PAL Support by: L@Cible
  • OpenBoR: CGRemakes (DarkBoR Features by Tails)
  • Updated Dreamcast Port: Samurai X (based on OpenBoR v2.0047)
  • Covers: 1stvinicius
  • OSDM Menu System © SOA
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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