icon AzurVeda is a development platform and library for the creation of demos which can run on a Windows PC or on the Dreamcast.


AzurVeda 1

The download contains a CD Image featuring the application Demo Menu and AzurVeda, which is a demo development platform for anyone wanting to create (or modify) their own demos for use with Windows and/or their Dreamcast. included on the CD is the complete AzurVeda development environment and library. For further information about the AzurVeda release, you can view the readme here.

AzurVeda 2


  • AzurVeda Source Workspace
  • UVeda GUI DC/Windows

To preview the library on your PC, or to create your own demos, just browse to the AzurVeda directory on the CD, extract the archive to your hard drive, then play with the application and software examples available.

AzurVeda 3

Eight example Dreamcast binaries were released along with the AzurVeda library package, they are included on the CD Image and can be booted with Demo Menu (NOTE: the binaries are unscrambled).


  • 3D View Bubbles
  • Bitmap Font
  • Demo Example 1
  • Displace Object With Sound Signal
  • Effect Recurse
  • Font Example
  • Object 3D From Equations
  • Sound With Equations
AzurVeda 4

Demo Menu

Demo Menu is a useful application CD, it has the ability to boot scrambled and unscrambled binary files from a seperate multisession CDR, to view the included AzurVeda examples with Demo Menu, select the binary you want to run, then press the A button to boot it (NOTE: press the Y button before pressing A if the binary is unscrambled).


  • AzurVeda: Victorien Ferry
  • Demo Menu: DCGrendel
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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