About The Staff

The following people help make everything at DC Evolution and its network of sites possible. They are truly all wonderful contributors to the Dreamcast community.

Core Staff Members


MetaFox is the current webmaster of DC Evolution, and maintains the DCEvo SourceForge Repository. MetaFox has put together several CD Images for the site, has developed one of the menu systems we use to compile our Images, and is the DCEvo resident coder.


DCDayDreamer is an integral part of the team, and is a member of the core staff. He has put together quite a few CD Images for the site, and has done a majority of the cover artwork for our Images. He also puts together a lot of the themes you find on various CD Images, and helps to acquire many of the multimedia aspects for the CD compilations. In addition, he helps keep some parts of the site up to date, and adds new pages whenever necessary.


Chris is another member of the core staff here at the DCEvo network. Chris is responsible for just about every aspect of the Dream Emulation Project releases, and most of the content regarding Beats of Rage. Chris works tirelessly putting together CD Images for the site, and is really the most active member currently on staff. He buries himself in the work of DC Evolution, and is truly a valued member of the team.


Previous Staff Members

Curtiss Grymala

Curtiss joined the team back in 2004, as Captain Skyhawk came up with the idea to merge his Dreamcast Emulation Knowledge Base with DCStuff (Curtiss' old web site), and DCHelp was born. Curtiss helped behind the scenes on quite a few of the DCEvo CD Images, and was the main webmaster at the DCEvo network, until 2012, and is responsible for the current (version 3) design of the site, as well as the content management system used to keep all of the information current.


fackue, also known as LyingWake, was a global moderator in our old DreamZone forums, and was an active helper and contributor to our network of sites. fackue was one of the DCEvo resident coders, he has helped develop quite a bit of the PC-friendly software we use to either create our CD Images, or as content in our Images.


OneThirty8 was also a global moderator in our old DreamZone forums. OneThirty8 was quite active for a long time in the Dreamcast community, and was one of the resident coders in the DC Evolution network. However, OneThirty8 is rarely seen nowadays, as he is extremely busy with real life. You can bet, though, whenever he does pop up, he has a darn good reason for doing so.


LyonHrt was the second webmaster at DC Evolution, assisting Captain Skyhawk from the start, he made quite a bit of what you see on this site today possible. For quite a while, LyonHrt was solely responsible for the content and design of version two of the DCEvo web site.

Captain Skyhawk

Captain Skyhawk was the first webmaster at DC Evolution, having taken over from Wraggster within a fortnight of the site launch back in January 2002, he also created the very first CD Image available for download at DCEvo. Skyhawk was responsible for the re-design of DCEvo version one, creating the Dreamcast Emulation Knowledge Base, and newsposting throughout the Dreamcast community.


Zac is an old timer within the Dreamcast scene. He helped get DC Evolution off the ground by creating some of the early CD Images on the site. He has a great knowledge of everything Dreamcast software related, is respected in the scene for his hard work at the old DC Homebrew and Sbiffy websites, and in the DC Emulation forums he would always help the newbies to find their way. Sadly, ZacMc has been absent from the Dreamcast scene for some time now.


Wraggster is credited with originally launching DC Evolution back in January 29, 2002, he still remotely helps out from time to time with his endless newsposting at DCEmu UK, one of the largest emulation/homebrew sites on the web. Wraggster will always remain part of the extended staff even though he is no longer an active part of DCEvo, and we will always remember and appreciate the hard work he put into creating the original site, a site in which we've all dedicated our time and efforts over the years.


DCEvo Contributors

In the early days of independent development there was friction between some of the Dreamcast websites, fortunately, differences were set aside and members from all the sites contributed to DC Evolution at one time or another.

Contributors (from the 2002 Launch)

  • DovieAnn (created the original DCEvo logo)
  • Dr Zoidberg (created some of the first CD Images)
  • Sp00nz (created CD Images)
  • Kami (created CD Images)
  • Syngori (created CD Images)
  • Nige (created the CD Covers)
  • Huma79 (hosted the original DCEvo forum on his Consolevision site)
  • Lilmuckers (Support)
  • Vampman (Support)

Contributors (2002 to Present)



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