icon A.G.E. (Alles Ganz Einfach - everything's f...cking easy) is the first known Dreamcast demo, created by Hitmen and presented at the Mekka & Symposium 2000, the demo took 8th Place in the Wildcompo category at the event.


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The demo was displayed by using a Dreamcast and the DDH (Dreamcast Debug Handler) which was a hardware development hack by Skywalker of RealWorld Technology / Hitmen. The sourcecode for the demo is lost, however, a CD of the demo software does exist, but unfortunately cannot be reproduced into a selfbooting CD which will play on a standard Dreamcast without a DDH.

A.G.E. Screen 1

The download contains a CD Image featuring a video of the A.G.E. demo running on a Dreamcast, the video is displayed by the homebrew player BoobPlay by CyRUS64. By using BoobPlay's ability to autoboot a video directly from start up, we've managed to replicate how a self-boot disk of A.G.E. would play on a Dreamcast without hardware hacks. Although the picture quality would be sharper with the actual software running, what you see on your screen is a virtual clone of the demo in its entirety.

A.G.E. Screen 2


  • A.G.E.: Home of the Hitmen
  • BoobPlay: CyRUS64
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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