Independent Commercial Releases

This section features sampler CD Images of games that have been developed and sold for the Dreamcast gaming fans, most of the software started out as homebrew demos or beta versions, and all of the games became independent commercial releases.

The games were created after the Dreamcast was withdrawn from the console market. All the games were created using freeware development tools, and all the games have been sold commercially with some degree of success.

Frog Feast

icon Frog Feast is a retro-style tribute to the classic console games Frog Bog, Frogs and Flies, and the arcade game Frogs.


Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles

icon Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is an Arcade-Type puzzle game developed by Yuan Works, originally for GP2X and now for the Dreamcast. Wind and Water takes the Five Traditional Chinese Elements and puts them together in a carefully designed game with a delicate balance of strategy and action.


icon "Inhabitants is a tile clearing frenzy where your goal is to score as many points as you can". Inhabitants was entered in the first Dream On Contest in 2004 and won first place with the prize being the game published as an Independent commercial release by The GOAT store.

Feet of Fury - Swap CD (4 in 1)

icon DC Evolution presents the Feet of Fury Swap CD Compilation: a collection of four individual Feet of Fury Swap CDs in one.


Feet of Fury

icon Feet of Fury was the first independant commercial game released for the Dreamcast, it's a musical beat and dance game with a far stronger emphasis on player-vs-player combat, the game can be played with a standard contoller, but for the ultimate challenge - a dance mat will show who's got the 'Feet of Fury'.

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs

icon Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs - The Game is a 2D 16-bit style run'n'gun shoot-'em-up including giant Mecha action, based on and officially licensed from the original animated series from 1986. The game has been developed for use with the custom built framework engine titled Dreamer, the same engine that the game Xenocider uses.

Irides: Master of Blocks

icon Irides: Master of Blocks is a puzzle action game that is "easy to pick up and play but hard to master". Combining falling block elements from classic games such as Tetris with modern variants like Lumines, Irides puts a new perspective on the puzzle genre.


icon Xenocider is a 3D arcade action game for the Sega Dreamcast created by Retro Sumus, the game has been developed for use with the custom built framework engine titled Dreamer and is an on-rails shooter with retro-futuristic aesthetics.

Alice Dreams

iconAlice Dreams Tournament is now an independent commercial release, but before it was ready for prime time, it was titled Dynamite Dreams, and was a mini game available in Alice Dreams.

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