This section features homebrew game releases in the form of individual CD Images or compilation CD Images. Each CD has been created as a part of the Dreamcast Independent Archive. The selections feature unique creations specifically developed for the Dreamcast. Take a look around and you might also find a few 'Re-Mixes' by DC Evolution.


icon SmashDC is a clone of the popular arcade game SmashTV, the homebrew clone brought classic blast 'em up action to the Dreamcast.



icon Othello is a clone of the classic puzzle board game also known as Reversi, the game can be played by one or two players in true abstract strategy fashion on your Dreamcast.


icon DCQuad is a Tetris clone with familiar graphics for the puzzle shapes and familiar sounds effects during gameplay, it does however have some unique touches, those include a Multiplayer Mode, and background art from the Anime Serial Experiments: Lain which changes with every level progression.


icon TetrisCD is the first version of a popular Tetris clone created by Viktor Gars, the game moved the homebrew clones into a more colorful environment by using multi-colored shapes set to a pseudo 3D background. The most unique feature that this clone brought to the Dreamcast was the ability to disc swap an Audio CD once the game had loaded, which meant you could simply add your favorite soundtrack to the classic gameplay.

Tetris 2

icon Tetris 2 is a continuation of the popular Tetris clone created by Viktor Gars, T-2 includes theme support, which means you can add your own scrolling background wallpaper during gameplay. In addition to the Audio CD support with the previous version, Viktor Gars also added support for MP3 audio during gameplay, which results in enhancing both the audio and visual qualities of the original game.


icon dRxLaX is an independent multiplayer game inspired by the Sega Saturn release Death Tank Zwei, the initial visual gameplay is similar to the classic Asteroids but soon becomes something very different.


icon Digimine is a Minesweeper clone created exclusively as a Dreamcast homebrew game by Dreamcast Moe Project in 2001 / 2002, both preview release versions 1.0 and 2.0 are coupled together via the Sandmenu by Metafox.

Copper Swapper

icon Copper Swapper is a puzzle game by Atani Software and Team Screamcast, it is inspired by the browser game Bejeweled and the Flash game ZooKeeper.

Aiming Tank

icon Aiming Tank is a Scorched Earth inspired game for one or two players, created in the early days of Dreamcast independent development, the game is limited but quite addictive for fans of the genre.

Tetris 2 OverClocked

icon Here is the "OverClocked" version of Victor Gars' excellent Tetris 2 homebrew game, we've included all kinds of extras and used all the possibilities that Tetris 2 offers, if you want Tetris 2, than this is the package you need.


icon Rekka: Summer Carnival 2003 is an Afterburner clone made by a Japanese Dreamcast homebrew developer, the game caused quite a stir with its reference to conflict and its use of graphic images which included casualties of war. A 'cleaned up' version of the game was considered, but did not get released, this CD Image contains the game in its original release form.


icon This is a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up demo for a game announced by Handmade Videogames in 2005.


Simon bO-nus Edition

icon Straight from the DC Evolution archive and updated twice: a CD Image of the addictive game Simon by burnerO. Very addictive to play and most fun when played with more people trying to beat each others high scores.

DCSquares Cubed

icon This is another DCEvo remix of a fantastic Dreamcast independent release. The CD Image contains version 1.4 of c99koder's DCSquares, along with a whole lot of other goodies.


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