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E-books are books in a digital form. The best thing about them is that you can easily download them and depending on the format you can read them in every device which supports them.

The Dreamcast however is a system that can't read regular e-books, logical really - because it is a game system. But the Dreamcast does offer the possibility for reading e-books other than a regular PDA for example. With the method we have used, you can add music and background illustrations along with the book to read.

There are plenty of free books available, so we decided to bring you a few of those free books with the options that the Dreamcast offers. This Makes the Dreamcast a very good system to read books on. You can see our unique exclusive releases by clicking on one of the links below or check the menu on the left!

Halloween Special

icon This is our third Dreamcast E-Book, it is another seasonal novelty this time - something to get you into the Halloween spirit (sorry, poor joke!).


A Christmas Carol

icon We proudly present an interactive Dreamcast E-Book featuring the classic holiday story: "A Christmas Carol".


Alice in Wonderland

iconWe present to you here the first Dreamcast E-Book with the classic literature Alice in Wonderland.


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